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Welcome to The Witches Three homepage. Who and/or what are The Witches Three? Well, The Witches Three is a mailing list for…

opinionated witches who want to chat about real life. This list is open to all types on the path (whether Witch, Wiccan, Heathen, Eclectic, Druid, Pagan, Mage, Magick Worker, Elemental, Santerian, LHPer, Satanist, etc etc) and all persuasions. Teenagers, geezers, punks and Goths are equally welcome! This list (which is high volume, so be forewarned ) is an open honest discussion about our everyday lives as Pagans. Join in the conversation and make some great friends!

The list is hosted by Yahoo! Groups. You can join the list if you want but this is not mandatory for signing up for the TW3 homepage.

Currently this homepage is going through some changes as the entire domain is being migrated to a CMS called WordPress. The sections already migrated are: TW3 Writing, Book of Shadows, Herbal

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