Specific Protection

Author: cserrilyn sadair

I first used this spell to protect my sister from an abusive ex-boyfriend. I have found it works best to protect those innocent of knowingly causing their danger from specific threats, especially if they are not in a subserviant position to the threat (i.e., the threat does not come from their boss, etc.).

Needed Ingredients:

(If the ingredient is in all caps, it is necessary. If it is in parentheses, it is a suggestion or a substitution I found works quite well.)

  • menstral blood (your own or, if protecting a woman, her own prefered, or dove’s blood essential oil) NEVER USE BLOOD TAKEN FROM A WOUND!
  • what you seek to protect (or a representation of it, i.e. picture, annointed candle, etc.)
  • one piece of paper per source of threat (the finer quality, the better, all natural materials prefered)
  • sealing wax (either gold or red)
  • doves blood ink and a quill (a pen will do in a trice)
  • a bowl to burn the paper in (or a plate, but something that can be washed or disposed of)

The Workings

Draw your circle, call your quarters and invoke the god(esse)s.

Annoint that which you seek to protect with the menstral blood, saying,

“With this blood do I annoint thee, (protectee)
By this blood are you protected
from (all threats, being as specific as possible)
(closing per tradition, i.e. So Mote it Be, As I Will it so shall it BE, Amen, etc.)”

Take the paper, ink, and quill and write the name of the source of what you are protecting the protectee from, be it a person, corporation, animal or whatever, writing one source’s name per page. If the source answers to more than one name, write down all the names you know on it’s page and repeat until all the page has writing on it. If the protectee is a person, and they are part of the ritual, have them write all the names they know the source of their threat by. Be specific. Writing “Death” won’t protect the protectee from being mortally injuried. Writing, “Mr. John Arther Doe of the Nantuck branch of the Family Doe, originating in Southeastern Isreal, Shadow Mage Prime of the Order of the Twirling Tutu’s, Assistant to the Assistant to the Marketing Artist of ABC Co., Inc., Magickville, SC 00000, Father of John A. Doe Jr. and Jane A. Doe,” etc., on the other hand, will protect the protectee from Mr. Doe giving her a mortal injury. **

Once you have written the names of the threat sources, fold the first paper, taking care that the edges of the paper are folded over, with the writing on the inside of the folds. Make the final fold, leaving about a half an inch from the edge you just folded to the edge it would otherwise line up with. Holding the paper closed, seal the paper with the sealing wax, but do not place your seal upon it (a seal, or signet is a device with an engraved image to apply to the cooling wax to leave a raised imprint of the image). By placing your seal upon the wax, you provide a way for the seal to be broken – destroying the seal or signet. While the wax is dripping on to the paper, say the following, repeating until there is enough wax to keep the papers closed and then the wax is dry enough to hold the paper closed on its own:

“With this wax I bind (the source)
from doing harm against (protectee)”

Once the wax holds the papers closed, say your closing (So Mote it Be, etc.)

Repeat the sealing for each paper, but make sure you know which paper belongs to which person.

Once all the papers are sealed, take the bowl for burning the paper and smear a drop of menstral blood on the bottom. This will help strengthen the protection spell against the source of the threat. Take the first paper and light a corner from the Fire’s candle, saying

“Guardians of (direction),
Element of Fire,
Bar the means (source) may use
To harm (protectee)”

Light another corner from Water’s candle, saying,

“Guardians of (direction),
Element of Water,
Send confusion to (source)
Should (source) seek to harm (protectee)”

Light another corner from Air’s candle, saying.

“Guardians of (direction)
Element of Air,
Send back unto (source)
The harm (source) seeks for (protectee)”

Light the last corner from Earth’s candle, saying

“Guardians of (direction),
Element of Earth,
Lend (protectee) your strength
Should (source) attack.”

Drop the burning paper into the bowl. Make sure that all that is left is blackened or gray ash.

Repeat for each source, but only place a drop of blood in the bowl, instead of smearing the blood around.

Once each source has been bound from harming the protectee, say your closing (So mote it be, etc). You are done with the spell.

Once you finish the ritual, either bury the ashes or wash them away.

** An alternative to trying to remember which page has which source’s name on it is to go through the entire spell for each source seperately. The effect is the same, it takes longer, but it helps to reduce confusion as to which entity you are binding from harming the protectee.

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