Goddess Nyx

Nyx, Goddess of the Night

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“Black-winged Night,
Into the bosom of the rebus dark and deep,
Laid a wind-born egg, and as the seasons rolled
Forth sprang Love,
the longed for,
with wings of gold.” (Aristophanes)

Nyx is pivotal in the creation myth of the theology of the Orphic-Dionysic Mysteries. The ancients believed that before the universe was created there existed only a void of chaos that was black and silent. From this chaos rose the first deity, Nyx, also called Mother Night. She is said to have been in the form of a great black winged spirit. Nyx then conceived of the wind and laid a silver egg in the darkness. The upper part of the egg was the sky and the lower section was the earth.

Nyx actually came from the earliest times of Greek mythology (These earlier divinities have names that correspond directly to elements of the natural world, like Gaia, Ouranos, Pontos, Nyx, Hemera). By the classical times in Greece, Nyx had less of a cult-following. In this later Greek pantheon Nyx is the personification of the night, and was its goddess. She was revered for Her ocular powers, and Her realm was in a cave in the far West beyond the land of Atlas. She was portrayed as a young woman, dressed in a star-covered gown. On several Greek vases She is shown riding a chariot pulled by four horses. Her attribute is a reversed torch. The Greek Nyx is related to the Egyptian Goddess Nuit, Goddess of the Black Night.

Nyx is associated with the Night; the color black; eggs and birth. Nyx is a good Goddess to call forth when you need to reclaim your awareness of your original essential nature.

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