Goddess Nemesis

Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution and Daughter of the Night

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“The hand of Nemesis balances the scales of justice.
She untangles the threads spun by the Fates.
Lift the burden of this problem, great Nemesis.
Guide me to the solution.
If there can be no harmony, separate us from the other.
Untangle my life-thread, Nemesis.
This I do ask with a sincere heart…” (ritual for Nemesis, ‘Moon Magick’ by D.J. Conway)

When Nyx, Mother Night, gave birth to a silver egg in the sea of chaos, this was symbolism for saying that She gave birth to the moon…. From this egg came the daughters of Nyx, one of whom was Nemesis.

Nemesis is known as the Goddess of Retribution and daughter of the Night. In the later patriarchal deity days of Greece She is seen as a monstrous figure of revenge and anger, however in earlier Greece Her nature was more as an abstract force of justice rather than retaliation.

In Greek mythology, Nemesis is portrayed as serious and thoughtful looking woman wearing a silver crown adorned with stag horns. She is often pictured as carrying a wheel of fortune in one hand and an apple bough in the other, with a scourge hanging at Her waist. Nemesis had Her primary sanctuary at Rhamnus, a village in the northern part of Attica. Nemesis was said to be a check on Tyche, Goddess of Fortune and also was said to be an attendant to Themeis, the Goddess of law.

Nemesis is honored in the celebration known as ‘Nemesea’ or the Festival of Nemesis on August 23rd. Because of this celebration, Nemesis is associated with the August full moon, which is commonly called ‘The Corn Moon’.

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