Goddess Naunet

Naunet, Goddess of the Primordial Abyss of the Underworld

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“Hail, Naunet
Protector of the void,
Guardian of the abyss……”

The Egyptians had many different versions of a creation myth. In all of them, the original God sprang from Nun (also called Nu) who was described as being ‘the primordial waters’. Nun was more than an ocean, He was a limitless expanse of motionless water. Nun was portrayed as a bearded man with a blue or green body, symbolizing water and fertility. In one hand He holds a palm frond, a symbol of long life and wears another one in His hair. Since He is known as the “Father of Fathers and the Mother of Mothers” and is sometimes shown with female breasts as well, His feminine aspect is known as the Goddess Inu. In another Egyptian version of the deities, rather than have a feminine version of Nun, He is said to have a consort named Naunet (sometimes called Nunet). Naunet is considered to be the Goddess of the Primordial Abyss of the Underworld. Naunet is a member of the Ogdoad of eight primordial deities who together personify the essence of the primordial chaos before the creation of the world. The Ogdoad created from Themselves the mound upon which lay the egg from which the sun god emerged. This Sun God, named Atum, became the first God of the earth. Eventually, Atum became associated with Ra. Ra-Atum was the coming of the light to disperse the darkness of Nun and is symbolized by the Phoenix in this context. His next task was to create other gods, which He did by masturbation, not by having a mate. This was not offensive to ancient Egyptians, but in fact intensified His power in their minds.

As the Goddess of the Primordial Abyss of the Underworld, Naunet protects the 12 veils of negation. These are gateways to the void… cracks in the fabric of creation. Naunet embodies the primal womb in which the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth are carried out. She frees all beings to follow their individual cycles of life.

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