Dark Goddesses

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Mother Sky-Goddess and Goddess of the Starry Sky


Goddess of the Night


Goddess of Retribution and Daughter of the Night

The Erinyes

Children of the Night and Daughters of the Earth and Darkness

The Hesperides

Daughters of the Evening

The Moirae

also known as the Fates


The Black One


Sumerian Death Goddess


Ruler of Helheim


Goddess of the Primordial Abyss of the Underworld


Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time


Queen of the Night


Horse Goddess


Queen of the Ghosts


Keeper of the Cauldron

Mother Holle

Queen of the Nether Regions


Goddess of Dusk

Baba Yaga

Black Crone Goddess


the Shining Lady of the Vanir


Snow-Shoe Goddess


Mistress of Destiny


Celtic Crone Goddess


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