Growing Green Cities

Growing Green Cities

We hesitatingly admit; We are sorry. We have not updated this website in years, yet still we keep it around. It’s some form of nostalgia and it’s beautiful I believe, but life goes on and we’ve encountered many challenges and bumps on our way. But here it is then, a new article on Dutchie. An article nevertheless about a new site we launched, Growing Green Cities.

What’s up?

Quite frankly we know that not too many people come to Dutchie. Or do they? Well the right column showing the visitor count is highly deceptive. Not to say it’s flat-out wrong. As Dutchie is a fairly old website already, the numbers there would prove to be rather dramatic. However, many people have in fact shown up here, one way or the other, through search engines, through links from other sites. In fact for years now, Dutchie gets between 50 and 100 unique visitors per day.

New Site

The new site is all about Growing Green Cities. We feel that this is extremely important. More and more people live in cities these days. This could of course be considered good news for the country. Less people, less pollution. That’s not true however. People who live in cities become less and less self reliant. They begin to rely on authorities to do the right thing with their trash, about their energy usage, about their drinking water usage, all the food they consume. City dwellers lean much harder on the environment than most people in the countryside would ever consider doing.

That said, why not try to help make our cities ‘greener’? What that means you can hopefully read soon on our new site Growing Green Cities. We hopeĀ  you like it as much as we do and will come back there as many times as you came to Dutchie.

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