Dutchie goes WordPress

Migration in Progress

The old dutchie.org site was very poorly maintained. As 3DN has been experimenting with WordPress to find out if it’s possible to host multiple domains on one WordPress install and has now developed a simple procedure to do so, we have migrated dutchie.org to WordPress.

The reason for this is that WordPress offers a fantastic amount of layouts and functionality. Unfortunately this does mean that a lot of the older dutchie.org articles will be unavailable for a short period of time.

Sections Migrated: TW3 Homepage

Multiple Languages

The dutchie.org site had both English and Dutch throughout the site without a good common approach. Since we are now using WordPress on dutchie.org we can soon provide both English and Dutch articles and let WordPress decide which article to show you depending on your browser’s preferences. Unfortunately this does not cooperate very well yet with the current ‘Arras’ WordPress theme. We are working on this as we speak.

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